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1 - What company's are doing
They are selling the packets on line
from their online stores.
2 - Putting a Pale of seeds on
their Sales Counters.
Kids love them!
 Sally : Mommy: Mommy:
Can I grow some Cows !!  Pleaseeee

Billy : Mommy I want the cow seeds too "OK "
Their you have it. you sell them
 $2.50 Each = 5.00 You paid
$2.00 = $3.00 Profit
 Next customer please!



Fun for kids
Take a large shallow planting box, Help the kids plant them. After they start to grow Sneek down to wallmart or a hobby store and buy a little bag of cows, bury them around in the pot with head &legs sticking out kind of hidden in green vines Wait till your kids come running to tell you Mommy! Daddy!
 I see some cows growing come look!!!
It's fun

 3 - Company's also give them to clients  for their children.  Give them  away
 at Company Party's 

They are a great Conversation Piece

Remember It Has your
Company Logo on them

       Each Bag has your Label on it   Samples Go

By the way our kids
 loved those Cow Seeds

In fact Cindy said the seeds were special and took them to show & tell

Nice: My kids love them too!
My broker gave
them to me!

Good Idea
In fact I called your office from the cow seed package in
 Billy's room.
 I misplaced your card