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Melinda is the one that discovered
 how to grow cows.  It was by chance that one
night, she was out in the pasture and stumbled over a cow pie,
 and it over turned and there they were!
*****Cow seeds.*****
She always wondered how Papa got so many cows. So she picked them up  and put them in her old red hat, -

- Went home and  planted her first
Cow Garden.

Melinda's Dog

 This is her first Cow.
She named her after her little sister.  (Suzy )

Melinda's ranch hand ( Robert )
He will help you with your Questions
  208 - 371 - 7757

Due to UPS & Fedex  Shipping Price Increases

 A - Bags are $1.00 Each + $15.00 Shipping
for 50 & 100 Bags

B - 150 to 200 bags $20.00 shipping

C - 300 Bags + Free Shipping

 Please Call Robert before you buy

CowSeeds   50 to 300 Bags


Can you grow a cow?
Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

Of course you can!!!  You can buy cow seeds here:
(remember not to plant them upside down)


Approximate Size

With your Label on back

Each Bag has your Label on it
 see some samples Go


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